Measure Smart, Measure Fast: Elevate Your Accuracy with Laser Distance Meters!

Measure Smart, Measure Fast: Elevate Your Accuracy with Laser Distance Meters!

Laser distance meters are designed to accurately measure the space between objects without requiring any physical contact, making use of laser technology for this precise task. They are widely utilized across a range of industrial sectors, particularly in professions associated with construction like carpentry, masonry, and locksmithing. These laser distance meters are known for their approachable design and their outstanding ability to record results with exceptional precision.

So... What other uses can Laser Distance Meters be used for? Here are 5 application uses:

  • Offer precise calculations for job quotations in fields like HVAC, electrical work, cable installations, and maintenance. Calculate distances, area, and/or volume with precision.
  • Accurately gauge distances, including ceiling heights, for the installation of emergency lighting, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers in compliance with regulations.
  • Determine the depth and distance of underground conduits. Measure distances of underground cables from different reference points or obstacles, including known hazards
  • Gauge distances for duct runs, whether for installation or replacement.
  • Calculate the distance from power sources for LED and low-voltage lighting, as well as other electronic loads.

Introducing Acision Laser Distance Meter in two options: 60 meters & 100 meters

The Key Features of both Acision LDM3060 & LDM3100: 
  • Automatically calculating Area and volume
  • Indirect measurement using Pythagorean theorem
  • Front or Rear Edge reference
  • Continuous measurement function with Min/Max distance tracking updates every 0.5 seconds.


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